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Space is crucial to our everyday lives. Everything from transport to telecommunication, security to the management of natural disasters, agriculture to financial transactions relies on space. It is central to the well-being of our societies, not only positively contributing to many aspects of our lives, but also providing new and exciting opportunities for many sectors of our economy.

Recognising the importance of this domain, Portugal has set sail for space.

Through its Portugal Space Strategy 2030, the passing of the Space Law, the recent creation of its national Space Agency “Portugal Space” and the preparations for the construction of the Space Port in Santa Maria, Azores, Portugal is taking active steps to do its part to tap into the unlimited potential and use it for the good of its citizens, for Europe and for the world.

Portugal is set on its path to be the space hub of the Atlantic.

In the context of the evolution that is taking place in the space sector, and more particularly in Portugal, the 2019 New Space Atlantic Summit, which will take place on the island of Santa Maria, Azores, on June 21-22, will address the take-up of opportunities offered for the space and non-space sectors in general and more precisely in Europe and the larger Atlantic area.

Following the success of the first Summit in 2018, participants in this year’s Summit, will be given the possibility to bring their unique view and contribution to each theme and actively contribute to their advancement.

The Summit will be marked by a tour of the main space sites of the island of Santa Maria,

Join us!


Santa Maria, Azores


June 21-22